The joy of having a boy……

Nicky had his arm dislocated AGAIN!  This is the 3rd time!  Here’s when it happened the first time.  But they say once it happens that it will happen VERY easily again and again.  So the other day Dustin was playing with Riley and Nick and all of a sudden Nick started crying and holding his arm very close to himself and not moving it.  Every time we touched his arm he cried so we knew he had to go to the Dr. again.  Poor baby boy had to get a sling this time because it was really sore even after they popped it back in.  He is usually fine after getting it fixed, but he was still crying and holding it close to him so they did an x-ray, but found nothing to worry about.  They gave him lots of stickers though to decorate his sling 🙂


And this is the reason he always gets hurt!  They are always playing rough and fighting around the house.

2 017

2 033

2 034

2 035

Daddy and Nicky always matching

2 020


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