Nut Tree is open again!

They re-opened Nut Tree in Vacaville so Dustin and I took the kids to check it out because when it closed earlier this year they were very sad.  It isn’t as nice as it used to be though.  They only have the train and the carousel so the kids were dissapointed.  Ari wanted to ride the roller coaster and Riley wanted to ride the bumper cars, but we found out that they are selling the rest of the rides and only keeping the train and carousel.  Tickets cost $2 per person for the rides and kids under 2 are free.

The kids riding the train with Daddy

p 004

They also have a bunch of things to play on

Nick and Riley on the see-saw.  Do you see who’s heavier?  Hahaha

p 006

Dustin spinning the kids around

p 011

Rocking horses

p 012

Nick and Riley being different animals

p 016

p 020

Then the kids went on the carousel and we went to Fenton’s to have some ice cream!  It was very YUMMY!  😀


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