Riley’s 1st day of Kindergarten

This was Riley’s 1st day of kindergarten!!!  She was very excited and couldn’t wait to start school.  She went to pre-k last year so I knew should would be fine with going to school and she was very excited that she would be at the same school as Ari.  Her teacher is Mr. Linnet and she wasn’t too excited about that because she did want to have a girl teacher, but I think she’s getting used to the idea of having a “boy” for a teacher.

Here she is walking to her classroom with Nick

2 015

In front of her school

2 020

Inside the classroom she was very excited!

2 032

The first couple of minutes her teacher Mr. Linnet let them get used to the classroom and go to different tables which had different activities.  Here is Riley practicing her letters

2 035

When we left she was perfectly fine and said bye to Nick and I.  I can’t believe how big she is!!!  I can’t wait to see her make her own friends and learn new things!


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