The week before school started Dustin and I took the kids to Pixieland because I had promised I would buy Riley a rainbow sno-cone before summer was over.  The kids had such a great time and the place is so little that they were able to ride all the rides and even eat the lunch I had packed for them in less than 2 hours!  The kids were able to ride all the rides and it wasn’t crowded at all.

The kids favorite part was all the bunnies that were running around.

2 007

The first ride Nick wanted to go on was the airplanes of course.  So Riley decided to ride with him and Ari hung out with me and Laci.

2 012

Then Ari and Riley rode on the dragon roller coaster

2 013

I love their faces!!!

2 014

They also rode the teacups, the frog jumper, the cars, the train and the Merry go round.

Nick looks like such a big boy here 🙂

2 016

And I can’t believe how long Ari’s legs are getting!

2 017

And my tiny Riley 🙂

2 018

After they ate the lunch I packed for them they had sno-cones before heading home.

The girls with their rainbow ones

2 019

Nick with his blue one

2 020

And Laci being bored in the stroller :/

2 021

I can’t wait till Laci is bigger so that she can go on some rides also.


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