1st day at a new school

Since we moved last October the girls now have to attend Cordelia Hills.  It is right down the rode so it isn’t too bad, but the girls REALLY liked Oakbrook so they were a little sad.  Now that they’ve been in school for a week they said it isn’t too bad.

Arianna started 1st grade and she was really worried about making new friends and being at a new school, but there were actually a couple kids from Oakbrook that had moved as well so she was excited she knew some kids.  She has one boy in her class from Oakbrook and she knows two other kids in different 1st grade classes that also went to Oakbrook so she said she plays with them at recess.  Her teacher is Mrs. O’Riley which was my little brother’s kindergarten teacher at Oakbrook so she recognized me and was very happy that Arianna was in her class.  Ari LOVES her teacher too because she said on the 1st day of school after lunch they all got a special snack.  Mrs. O’Riley gave them all nutella sanwiches which is Ari’s favorite!!!

Here is my baby girl on her 1st day of 1st grade!

2 001

Dustin was the one that brought her to school so I didn’t get any other pictures of her except this one of her when I was picking her up from school.

2 045

But I brought her to school the next day and took more pictures 🙂

Here she is at the front of her school


And here she is in line getting ready to walk to her classroom after playing in the playground in the morning


She had a great time on her 1st day of school and she loves having three recesses.  She has already made lots of new friends and even had a friend come over on Friday to go swimming since it was so hot!  I am very excited for her and everything new that she will be learning this year 😀


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