Ari and Riley’s 1st concert

Arianna and Riley went to their very 1st concert to see The Jonas Brothers!!!  Since Verizon was one of the sponsors of the concert they gave tickets to some employees.  Dustin’s friend got them and didn’t have kids or anyone that wanted to go so he gave them to Dustin.  And it was perfect because he had 3 tickets so it was enough for the girls and Dustin 😀  The girls were so excited when Dustin told them they were going to see the Jonas Brothers!

Here they are making posters to bring


1 004


1 006

Showing off their posters 🙂

1 023


1 018

They are so excited to go!!!!

1 019

Dustin and his girls at the concert

1 042

And of course the Jonas Brothers 🙂

1 036

They had such a great time and I can’t believe they are going to concerts already!!!  We have years more of this so I hope Dustin is ready…..LOL


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