Alameda County Fair

Every year my sister and BIL ask us to go to the Alameda County Fair with them and we usually never do because when they go Dustin is working.  But this year he was able to get someone to cover for him at work so we were able to go!!!!  The kids and I were sooooo excited that we were finally going to go.  The Sinning Family also joined us for a little while.  The first thing we did was look at all the farm animals and then we headed over to the mini railroad stations.

Nick over by the farm animals


Here’s the kids after looking at the mini railroad stations (minus Laci and Josiah)

4 022

Next we headed over the Kids Land where they had all the little kid rides and some crafts and activities.  They all wanted to ride the rides so we got all the kids unlimited ride bracelets.  Then they rode on every ride!  Here they are on a couple rides 🙂

Girls on the Carousel.  Nick rode it too, but he never looked at me for a good picture.



Dustin and Nick on a Dumbo type ride

4 044

Dustin with all the kids (I love the look on all the kids faces)


On the swings ride



Nick’s 1st roller coaster with Daddy


Everyone on the roller coaster


After riding most of the rides we decided that it was time to eat lunch and rest for awhile because it was sooo HOT!!!  We found some tables in the shade and all got our own food.  Then we all got Icee’s!


After lunch we went to the exhibit buildings since they all had air conditioning.  We went through all three buildings and bought way too many things…..LOL.  But they did have some really neat stuff in there though.  After about an hour the kids wanted to go on the rides again so we headed back to the Kid Park.  More pictures of the kids on rides, doing activities and hanging out.

Ari on a boat ride


The kids watching a dancing show




They had a craft area with drawing tables, markers and paper and they kids LOVE to draw so we hung out in the shade while the kids colored

Riley being cute 🙂


Nick coloring


Ari working on her masterpiece



Trin, me, Laci and Jacqueline

4 092

Laci and Daddy cooling off in the shade


Riley wasn’t done with her drawing so while we waited for her Arianna and Nick went on more rides with Jaime and Ana.

Michael Jackson’s Balloon Ride

4 113

4 116

A teacup ride

4 107

After they rode all the rides they wanted to we headed back towards the main carnival area.  When we got there we saw a CRAZY ride and a couple of us decided to ride it.

Here’s the ride.  It was 140 ft tall and spun around.  It was scary, but fun too!


Before going on the ride

Joston, Ana, David and me


Apparently while I was on the ride Nick started crying and kept saying he wanted me 😦  I think he was scared for me because they said they heard me screaming every time we went past them.


But I tried to wave at the girls every time I went by.  Here they are waving at me 🙂


Here we are all after the ride 😀  We didn’t die……LOL


And Nick with his Mommy.  He didn’t let go of me for like 10 minutes!!!


Here some of them in the Fun House

4 149

Then they went on the slide

Dustin, David, Jaime, Joston and Ana




Everyone all together……actually all the kids.  Mama was the one that took the picture

4 135

Thanks again for taking us Trin and David!  Hopefully we will be able to go again next year and hopefully it won’t be as HOT!!!  We had a lot of fun 🙂


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