Swimming, swimming, swimming!!!

The kids have been swimming everyday!!!!  They are getting soooo brown and so am I.  Hahaha!  But they love going swimming and at least we are getting good use out of the pool.  The girls are so used to the water now and put their life vests on then just jumps right in the water.  Riley is getting really good floating on her back and Ari is not holding onto the wall anymore and she swims all over the pool.  Nick loves playing with all the pool toys and he loves the water too.  Laci even went swimming for the first time the other day!  I put up the umbrella in the pool and she just floated around in the shade.  Here are some pictures of the kids swimming 😀


3 462

Laci and Mommy

3 467

Daddy and Laci

3 473

Daddy and Nick

3 482



Uncle Joston, Nick, Ari and Jaime



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