Super Franks

Last week we headed up to Super Franks to meet with some friends.  The kids love that place and I really wish there were somewhere like that around where we live.  😦  We had a ton of fun and Dustin took some pictures of the kids so I could chat with my friends.

The kids playing dress up

3 429

Ari wearing a police outfit

3 430

Nick and Riley were firefighters

3 431

The also really LOVED the slide!  They kept going down over and over again!

3 435

3 434

*Look at Nick’s tan on his legs from swimming all the time….LOL

3 437

After awhile we headed downstairs to the new jungle room.  The kids loved going down the inflatable slide!

3 442

3 445

Next we headed to the gym and the kids had such a blast playing on the plasma cars, but I was nursing Laci so I didn’t get any pictures.  And Dustin was too busy riding the plasma cars with the kids so he didn’t take pictures either.  I think he comes with us just so he can ride the plasma cars 😀


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