Nick’s big boy haircut

Lately, Nick hasn’t taken to well with getting his hair cut.  He screams, won’t stop moving and cries the whole time.  But the other day I decided to take him back to Pigtails and Crewcuts in American Canyon.  He’s been there before when he had his 1st haircut so I was hoping he’d remember and he wouldn’t freak out.  I showed him pictures of him on the airplane getting cut and pictures of the girls.  I told him they were going to cut his hair, I showed him how they were going to do it and explained that it wouldn’t hurt.  I took just him and Laci with me while I left the girls at home with Dustin.  When we got there I let him pick which one he wanted to sit in and held my breath hoping he wasn’t going to start freaking out.

AND he was sooooo good!!!  He sat still the whole time, didn’t cry at all, listened to everything they told him to do and he got a great haircut!  I am so proud of him!  He listened to everything I told him before going in and I think he understood so that’s why he didn’t freak out.  And I bought him an airplane toy from there too since he was so well behaved 🙂  Here he is with his new haircut!

Before (he wanted to pose w/his “friends”)

3 491

3 499

After (with his new airplane)

3 501

3 511

3 516

Hahaha…..I LOVE my little man!


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