Academy of Science

Last week we took the kids to the Academy of Science.  The Siongco’s and Jaime also came along.  The kids are really into the “Night at the Museum” movies so they were very excited to go.  They kept asking if we were going to see Rexy from the movie and sure enough when they saw a dino they all got soooooo excited!  They kept saying “It’s Rexy!!!”

3 314

They loved going around to the differnet exhibits to see all the different things and hear about them as well.  Here’s Nick checking out a Saber-tooth Tiger skeleton.

3 316

Next we got in line to go into the rain forest.  There were lots of different animals on all the levels and the kids loved looking at them all.  But it was very humid in there!

Checking out some animals in the rain forest

3 325

Nick and Auntie Leslee.  Nick was showing me the Gecko that was on the glass

3 328

Riley, Ari and Uncle Irwin looking at spiders

3 336

Dustin trying to get a butterfly to land on him so he could show it to the kids

3 350

Riley copying her Daddy and trying to get a butterfly to land on her finger

3 356

Next we went down to the Aquarium and the kids loved looking at all the fish and different sea animals.

Ari and Riley

3 371

Auntie Leslee and Nick

3 373

Nick looking at some other sea animals.

3 393

Proof that Laci and I were there!  Look in the glass…..hahaha.  And yes I took this picture so Laci and I could be in the blog post too 😉

3 327

Overall it was a lot of fun the the kids enjoyed themselves a lot!  They had the most fun at the aquarium area so we will most likely try to visit The Monterey Bay Aquarium before school starts.


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