Tuesdays at the Park

Every Tuesday over the summer there are activity trucks that go to different parks in our area.  They have crafts, games and activities for the kids.  And every other tuesday they have a bounce house out there.  This past Tuesday they had Nature’s Critters there and we got to see some animals 😀

First the kids made animal masks

Riley coloring

4 064

Ari coloring

4 069

Nick liked riding on this little car thing

4 058

4 067

Laci fell asleep while the girls were coloring

4 071

The kids walking over the the tent with the animals

4 074

These are all the animals they saw

Ari petting a Hedgehog

4 077

A Gecko

4 084

Riley petting it

4 087

Nick petting it

4 091

A walking stick

4 095

A hissing cockroach, it was HUGE……like the ones Auntie Kelsy finds in Hawaii LOL

4 097

Riley looking at giant snails

4 102

A girl holding a bearded dragon

4 105

The girls petting a snake

4 112

Nick petting the snake

4 115

The kids had an awesome time and they can’t wait to go again 😀


One thought on “Tuesdays at the Park

  1. you guys do all the fun stuff… story time at the library… tuesdays at the park… free movie days!!

    i for real LOL’ed when i saw the cockroach caption!!

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