Father’s Day 2009

This year for Father’s Day we just relaxed and had a quiet day at home.  My Dad was out of town in New Mexico and Dustin’s Dad was also out of town in Hawaii so we didn’t really have any plans.  It was warm that day so we went swimming while Nick and Laci  took their naps.

Riley, Dustin and Arianna

4 014

Riley swimming with her Daddy

4 043

Laci woke up so I took her outside with us

4 017

Then my sisters came over with my little brother Jaime so he could swim with us also.  Jaime and I had a race in inner tubes and I won of course…..LOL

4 046

And Dustin made Jaime dive through the inner tube hahaha

4 051

I made 2 scrapbook pages that I framed for Dustin and the girls made him cards and got him a video game.  When I remember I will take pictures of the frames and post them.  Happy Father’s Day Dustin!  You are the best Father I could have picked for our kids!  We love you and we are so lucky to have you 😀


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