Ari’s Party

Arianna had her birthday party last week with her friends and she had sooooo much fun!  It was a pajama party theme so everyone dressed up in their pj’s.  I made the invitations and my Mom made the envelopes to look like pillow cases.  Then I wrote the kids names on the pillowcases with puffy paint and we hand delivered them to every ones houses.


My cousin made the cake to look like a sleepover.  And Ari wanted her theme colors to be Tiffany blue and white.

2 087

For centerpieces I filled vases up with different candies.  One table was M&M’s, another was gummy bears and another kisses.  Here’s the M&M’s

2 099

Here’s the “Happy Birthday” banner I made with my Cricut 🙂

2 103

Once all the kids arrived we served them pizza, juice and an assortment of fruits.  It was funny watching all the kids eat because all the girls took up two tables and the boys sat at another table.  And the boys ate WAY more than the girls did!  After everyone was done eating we cleaned up and took out the crafts.  All the girls made, tiaras, bracelets and necklaces.  The boys made airplanes and designed their goody bags with stickers.

Here are some of the girls working on their crafts

2 106

The boys showing off their projects

2 111

When everyone was done with their crafts we had cake and ice cream!

Everyone singing “Happy Birthday”

2 116

Arianna blowing her candle

2 118

We served all the kids cake and once they were done we had an ice cream sundae bar.  They got to pick either vanilla or chocolate ice cream.  Then caramel or chocolate sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles and cherries.  We made the kids eat the ice cream outside though because a couple of the kids spilled their cake and we didn’t want them spilling their ice cream too.  I had Dustin supervise the kids once they got outside and he stuffed all 16 kids onto our slide outside……hahaha

2 126

Some kids underneath the slide

2 125

Once they were all done we let them back in the house for present time.  I had all the kids get their presents and bring them into the living room.   Then I had Arianna call the kids up one by one so she could open her present while they sit next to her.

Here’s all the kids with their presents for her

2 131

She got sooooo much stuff and she was so excited 😀  When present time was done I had to get a picture with everyone so here they all are sitting on the couch.

2 165

After we were done with everything we played a couple more games to pass the time before the parents started coming to pick up the kids.  I had all the kids sit down and I asked them questions about Arianna and whoever got it right would get a piece of candy.  Also at the beginning of the party I had 3 jars filled with candy and the kids had to guess how many of each candy was in them and whom ever was the closest got to take the jar of candy home.  So we announced the winner to the candy jars, then everyone left.  Even Dustin because he had to do inventory that night.

The remaining girls were all the ones that were going to be sleeping over.  All these girls slept over except for Kaylani.

2 172

Here’s Arianna, Chasidy and Isabella

They gave Arianna that shirt for her birthday so they would all match

2 171

Then we started the sleepover activities 🙂

One station was a hair spray area.  I bought pink, purple, red, and silver and gold glitter hair sprays.  Ana my brother’s GF was in charge of that station.

2 200

The next station was a make-up station and Jassy my cousin was in charge of that.

2 184

And one more station was a crown making station that me and my sister Trin were doing.

2 209

Here is Riley showing off her make-up and sparkly hair 😀

2 213


2 215

Once all the girly stuff was done they all went upstairs to make their beds and watch a movie.  So I gave them all popcorn and bottled waters and left them up there while I cleaned downstairs.

2 224

Nick of course wanted popcorn too and crashed their sleepover again……hahaha

2 225

After the movie was over I made them all brush their teeth and get into bed.  I turned the lights off, put Nick in his room and told the girls to go to bed…..which didn’t happen :/  Riley and 2 of the other girls fell asleep at 10:30pm, but Ari and her 2 best friends didn’t fall asleep till midnight or later!  When Dustin got home from his inventory we went to bed so that was around 12am and we could still hear the girls whispering.  But of course they all woke up SUPER early!  Dustin left for work at 7:30am so I was stuck with 8 kids all by myself to feed, and get ready.  It wasn’t too bad though, Laci slept in till 9am so I was done getting all the girls and dressed, fed and had their stuff packed up and placed by the front door ready to go.  For breakfast I made regular pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes.  Then I had them put whatever they wanted on them.  I had butter, syrup, jelly/jam, strawberries, bananas and whipped cream.

Here’s the girls eating breakfast

2 231

When Laci woke up I let them the kids play and they watched a Princess sing-a-long movie while I went upstairs and fed and changed her.  Once I brought her down all the girls were soooo excited to play with her!  She was the center of attention until all the parents came and picked the girls up.  The 4 girls that spent the night were all gone by 10:45am and it was so nice to just have my 4 kids left…hahaha.  And I definitely made all the kids take a nap that afternoon and they all napped for 2 1/2 hours!!!

Overall it was a great party and I think I’m ready for the million more parties that will be happening in my future with all my children.  Thank you again to Trin for helping with the kids and the crown making.  Thank you Jassy for making the awesome cake and for putting make-up in the girls.  Ana, Thank you for spraying the girls hair and sorry that your hand turned pink :/ and thank you for helping me clean up!!!


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