Siruno Family Pictures

Since Dustin’s sister was visiting from Hawaii we made plans before they came here to take some family pictures since we would all be together.  We had them taken by Crystal Lynn and she is an amazing photographer!  The kids were so good, because of course they love getting their pictures taken 🙂

Here are a couple of my favorites!

The whole family

1 011

Grandparents w/Grandkids

1 014

Arianna 6 years old

1 031

Riley-Anne 4 years old

1 036

Nicholas Aiden 2 years old

1 040

Laci Claire 4 months old

1 020

All of our 4 beautiful kids

1 006

Me and Dustin

1 044

All the girls

1 055

The guys

1 061

Dustin’s Family

1 062

The whole family again

1 082

And Our Family 🙂

1 084

Now we need to take some with my side of the family and hopefully they will turn out just as nice as these 😀


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