Happy 6th Birthday Arianna!!!

I can’t believe that my oldest baby girl is now 6 years old!!!  How did this happen so fast?  We asked her what she wanted to do on the day of her birthday and her answers was “Shopping and dinner at The Cheesecake Factory”.  So we took her shopping because she wanted to buy a new birthday dress and of course she had to buy matching accessories!  A seashell necklace and bracelet 🙂 Here she is modeling it while we wait for our table at The Cheesecake Factory:

It’s from Gymboree’s “mermaid collection”

1 734

She loved how it moved when she spun

1 737

We had a long wait because there were also a lot of graduations going on and a lot of other big parties.  But I loved how they had a nice big waiting area and the kids kept themselves busy.  Auntie Katrina, Uncle David, Grandpa and Auntie Leslee also joined us.  While we were waiting Ari opened up her present from Auntie Leslee and Uncle Irwin.

She got cute sandals

1 777

She LOVES them!!!  She wears them pretty much everyday now.  Here she is modeling them…..

1 782

And very cute sneakers

1 787

Picture with Grandpa while we were waiting

1 770

When we finally got seated Ari kept reminding me to tell the waitress that it was her birthday.  After dinner she got her favorite dessert and she was very happy!

Blowing her candle

1 811

She was kind of upset that they spelled her name wrong though….lol

1 813

Happy 6th Birthday baby girl!!!  We hope you had a wonderful birthday and got everything that you wanted 🙂

Daddy and Mommy LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!

1 7401 743


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