Travis AFB Air Museum

On Tuesday Dustin’s Dad took us all to the Air Museum on Travis AFB.  Nick’s been really into airplanes and Dustin and his Dad used to visit the museum when he was younger so it was cute to see them all visit it together 🙂  Nick was so excited and he was running from plane to plane just looking at them in amazement.  There was one plane that was being cleaned inside so we asked if Nick could take a look inside and the guys let us come in.

“Look Mommy, I’m flying”

ours 751

Here he is inside the plane.  He kept pressing all the buttons and making airplane noises

ours 755

After looking at all the airplanes that were outside we went inside the museum

Grandpa and Nick in a C5 engine

ours 644

The kids loved playing in the old cockpits of the planes

ours 663

Riley flying around with her buddy Uncle Brandon

ours 661

In the store they had the cutest aviator jacket which I put on Nick and he looked so cute!!!  Dustin said he had one when he was little that said “Siruno”.  I think Kelsy has it, but she’s going to send it to us for Nick.

ours 656

Grandpa, Nick and the planes that Grandpa bought for him

ours 678

Nick loves his planes!!!  Thanks Grandpa 🙂

ours 686

After the museum we went to eat lunch since it was Kelsy and Brandon’s last day with us.  The girls then had their Girl Scout camp they had to go to.  When we got home we rest a little before Dustin’s family came over for one last dinner together.

Grandpa and Nick making a plane together

ours 689

The kids too one last picture with Uncle Brandon and Auntie Kelsy before the left. (Laci was sleeping already)

ours 702

It was nice to have them visit and the kids already miss them a lot!  We’re hoping we can visit you guys in Hawaii very soon!!!

And here’s a picture of Kelsy and Laci meeting for the 1st time 🙂

kelsy 029


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