Haban Cousin Reunion Day 4

Monday we headed to The Jelly Belly Factory with Dustin’s sister Kelsy, her fiance Brandon, Dustin’s cousin Ray, his wife Stephanie and their son Ke’ala.  Last time there were here for our wedding they didn’t have time to visit so this time Ray really wanted to go.

Kelsy, Nick, Ari and Riley excited that we are at the Jelly Belly Factory

kelsy 022

In line for the tour 😀  Everyone is holding a kid too and they’re all mine except for Ke’ala.  I think we have too many kids…..LOL


Waiting for our tour to start

ours 540

Doesn’t Laci look cute with her tour hat on 🙂

ours 546

Here’s all of us after the tour


Then we all headed to our house to have lunch with them one last time before they left for the airport.  The guys headed to Sonics to bring the food back for us.  It was so much fun spending time with you guys and hopefully we will be able to visit you guys soon!


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