Haban Cousin Reunion Day 3

Sunday Kameron, Jami and Kason had to leave because they had to drive back to Arizona. But I got a good picture of the boys before they left.

ours 461

We had a BBQ and swimming at our house for everyone that day also. It was nice to just sit around and get to know everyone better. I could tell Dustin was so HAPPY to have his family around and I wish everyone lived closer 😦 Dustin’s sister Kelsy also had the coolest digital camera that you could take in the water with you!

Dustin’s cousin Ray and his son Ke’ala

kelsy 225

More cousins…….Collins and Tyler

kelsy 229

Everyone loved going down the slide…..lol

Here’s a video of Dustin 😀

Then the guys hung out outside while the girls were all inside talking

Brandon, Irwin, Todd and Ray

ours 471

Dustin’s Dad Dave, Dustin and Collins

ours 472

We also celebrated Ari’s 6th birthday early since everyone was over

ours 480

Then we took pictures with everyone who was leaving early the next morning

Me, Collins, Aiko, Todd and Dustin

ours 513

Nick, me, Tyler and Dustin

ours 516

Me, Auntie Nadine and Dustin

ours 519

Me, Auntie Anita and Dustin

ours 520

Thank you to everyone that came! We had so much fun with you all and we can’t wait for the next reunion!!!


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