Haban Cousin Reunion Day 2

Saturday morning we headed out to Discovery Kingdom with Kameron, Jami and Kason

It was such a beautiful day to go!  First we went to look at the animals and there was no one around so it was nice to not have a lot of crowds around.  Kameron and Kason even rode one of the elephants and Kason called them Horton.  Hahaha….sooooo cute!

ours 269

There was also no one around at all the kiddie rides!  The kids loved riding all the rides and so did Kason.  Kason was so funny and he would put his hands up and scream…..LOL.

ours 294

ours 300

After we saw all the animals and rode most of the kid rides we went to eat lunch then watched the whale and dolphin show.  The kids love watching that show, but I didn’t get any pictures since I was nursing Laci 😦  After the show we headed over to their Thomas the Train area and did all the rides over there before heading to Dustin’s parents house to have dinner with everyone else.

When we got to Dustin’s parents house Nick and Ke’ala got to meet for the first time too 😀

kelsy 174

Here are all the cousins and their kids……..minus Laci because she was sleeping.

ours 425

Then a picture with all the in-laws.  It was funny because they called them the “whiteys” and I didn’t even realize that I was the only in-law that wasn’t white until we were looking at the picures!

ours 430

Here are all the cousins….minus the ones that weren’t able to visit

ours 438

It was so much fun to meet some of them and just sit around and talk 🙂


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