Arianna’s last day of Kindergarten

Last week was Arianna’s last day of kindergarten.  And I cannot believe how fast the school year went by!  And I also can’t believe that I now have a 1st grader :/  On the last day of school they just had a luau themed party,  played games and did some activities.

Mrs. Buford reading them their last story as Kindergarteners

ours 080

After everything outside was set up the kids all came out.  One of the games was a relay race where they had to dress up in hawaiian themed outfits as fast as they could.

Isn’t she sooo cute?

ours 096

Another game was the Dolphin ring toss which was cute since they are the Oakbrook Dolphins

ours 112

Here’s Arianna doing a fishing game

ours 120

Then all the kids made candy lei’s (thanks for bringing over the netting Kelsy)

ours 126

They also got tattoos and had ice cream sundaes

ours 129

After all the games and activities were done she took pictures with her friends since she might be going to a different school next year.

Ari and Isabella

ours 132

Chasidy and Arianna

ours 133

Miranda-Jen and Arianna

ours 138

Natalia and Ari

ours 140

Ari and Xander

ours 146

Their whole class

ours 142

A couple more friends in the classroom

Jordan, Xander, Taylor, Ari, Liecie-Rose, Kern and Aryan

ours 177

And one last picture with her teacher Mrs. Buford

ours 186


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