Laci’s baby friends

I love that Laci has a lot of friends that are around the same age as her 😀  Last week she had two playdates.  First was with Josiah while his sisters played with the other kids.  But Laci was tired and was taking her nap most of the time they were here.  But once she woke up we took a picture with the two of them.  And hopefully next time they come over we will be able to get more pictures where Laci is more awake 😉

Laci 3 months & Josiah 7 months

(Thanks for emailing me the picture Anna)


She also had a playdate with Emily 😀  And she is just the cutest and happiest little girl ever!  Laci shared all her toys with Emily, but hopefully next time they get together they will both be able to play more with the toys and each other.

Laci 3 months & Emily 6 months

2 003

LOVE the faces Emily makes 🙂

2 010

The girls

2 013

Thanks for coming over guys and we will all have to get together again soon!!!


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