Arianna’s 1st sleepover

The other day when I picked up Ari from school she wanted her friend to come over also.  So I had her ask her Mom first then brought the girls home.  When they came home I gave them an after school snack and they wanted strawberries and grapes.

2 018

Then they went and played upstairs in the playroom.  They colored pictures, played board games, came down and played freeze dance and then decided they wanted to play dress up.  I had them put dresses on and jewelry and told them I would take pictures of them.

2 048

Riley wanted to play too

2 050

All three of them

2 053

While we were in the middle of our photo shoot the pizza arrived.  We have movie night every Friday and we usually have pizza, watch a movie and have popcorn.  Ari wanted her friend to stay for movie night and to sleepover so her Mom brought over some clothes for her and they were all so excited 😀

Here they are in their jammies.  I made them all sleep in the playroom so they could have movie night up there this time.

2 065

Riley and Nick also wanted to sleep in the playroom.  Riley stayed with them all night, but at 7pm I put Nick in his room to sleep since he wouldn’t take his nap and he fell asleep right away!

2 062

Arianna had a great time and kept telling me “Mommy this is the best day because my friend is sleeping over” Hahaha.  She’s so cute and I guess we will be having MANY more sleepovers!  Especially with Riley starting Kindergarten, then it will double!  LOL


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