Nick’s Playdate

We have had tons of playdates, but they are more for the girls than Nick.  Well the other day we invited a little boy who is the same age as Nick over and it was very different than having other kids over.  Since it was his first “real” playdate with another boy he was very jealous when Zayden would play with his toys.  When they would play with the kitchen or the toys that were all the kids, Nick wouldn’t mind.  But when it was his Cars or Trains, etc Nick did not like sharing.  He isn’t used to sharing his toys because the girls never play with his things because it’s for boys.  So this was a very new thing for us, but towards the end I think he started getting used to it and he even taught Zayden how to fight with Light Sabers……LOL

Here are the boys playing on top of Ari and Riley’s bunk bed

1 004

Then they played with the puzzles in the girls room

1 013

This is when Nick started sharing, but I only think it’s because he wanted to fight…..hahaha.  Dianne sorry that Nick taught your son to fight :/

1 016

1 025

1 028

I think we need to have more boys come over and play so that Nick can get used to sharing.  Thanks Dianne and Zayden for coming over!  We loved having you over and we can’t wait to do it again 😀


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