Laci is 3 months old!!!

Time has flown by and Laci is now 3 months old already!  She is getting so big and she changes everyday.

Her stats:

Weight:  14lbs 11ozs

Height:  24 3/4 inches

B3 019

She babbles a lot now and smiles all the time.  Especially when you talk to her or when you get her out of her room in the mornings.  Her 3 month clothes don’t fit her anymore so she is in 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers are barely going around her huge thighs…..LOL

We just recently transferred her to her crib because she was getting a little crowded in her bassinet!


Now in her crib


She is also sleeping so much better now.  She’ll go to bed at 7pm then wake up at 11pm, 3am and 7am.  But during the day she’s still wanting to eat every 2 hours.   She also discovered her thumb so she sucks on it at night or naptimes and she goes straight to sleep without fussing every time
I put her in her crib.


We are still working on her taking the bottle.  She was doing good with them, but has now decided that she doesn’t want to take them anymore.  Here’s a video of her talking a little and just ignore my baby talk…


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