Mother’s Day 2009

This Mother’s Day was a laid back/relaxing day.  Dustin had to work so I wasn’t too happy with that, but what can I do.  I took the kids to church then we picked up lunch on the way home.  We ate lunch together while I fed Laci and when we were done I let them have ice cream for desert.  Then we all got ready to go swimming in the backyard.  I brought Laci’s swing outside so she could be out with us.  I have an umbrella so she was in the shade the whole time and she even fell asleep for a little while.  After we were done swimming we had dinner then got ready for bed.  Dustin’s store closed at 6pm so I was hoping that he’d be home to help with bedtime, but he didn’t get home till 9pm 😦  And that was pretty much how I spent my day.  But as long as I got to spend the day with my babies I was happy.  I am so lucky and grateful to be the Mommy of these four beautiful kids 😀





Oh and my Mom got me a wonderful Mother’s Day present!!!!  It’s a bracelet with all my kids names on it and instead of using their birthstone colors I let them pick their favorite colors as their crystals 🙂  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  To check out her other jewelry go to Angel Face Designs.

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