Laci’s 1st Disneyland Trip

We took Laci on her 1st visit to Disneyland!!!  We all had so much fun and we can’t wait to go back especially when she’s a little bit older.  We did our usual schedule of leaving at 4am and going straight to the park.

The sun rising means that we are half way there


The kids are usually still sleeping by this time.  Well except for Arianna who woke up 10 minutes before we got to our half-way stop in Kettleman City.  We stopped to get gas, eat breakfast and let the kids run around for a bit.



Once we got back on the road the kids were really good and most of them actually fell asleep again.  When we got to Anaheim we checked into our hotel which was Carousel Inn and Suites.  It was the first time we were staying there because it was recommended to me by a friend.  It was a nice little room with hard wood floors, shutters and granaite counters in the bathrooms.  I also loved the fact that it had a fridge and a microwave in the room.  After checking in we went straight to the park because the kids were so excited!!!

The first thing that we did was go to Main St. Bank to get our new pictures for our annual passes.  This was Riley’s 1st time getting a seasons pass so she was very excited to get her very own card 😀  Next we saw Minnie Mouse so we got in line to take a picture with her.  While they were waiting in line I got Laci a “1st visit” button.


Laci’s 1st picture with a character


Then the kids were ready to ride some rides.  The very first ride Arianna wanted to go on was Matterhorn because it is her favorite ride.  We checked if Riley was tall enough also because she was too short last time we were there and she was tall enough so after Ari and I went on the ride it was Dustin and Riley’s turn.  By her picture you can decide if she liked it or not…..LOL  She said that it went to fast for her.


Then we went to Fantasyland to ride all the rides over there.  Laci got to ride Dumbo and The Storybook Ride 🙂

Laci’s very first ride was on Dumbo 🙂

On Storybook


We then ate lunch and went on a couple more rides.  Riley couldn’t wait to ride Small World because it’s her favorite ride and we wanted to see the new characters they had put in.  The kids LOVED spotting all the Disney characters on the ride and were so excited that we rode it 4 times by the end of the trip.  Before we left to go back to the hotel Nick wanted to ride the carousel one more time.  Can you tell how much he likes this ride?



While the kids and I were riding the carousel Dustin and Laci were playing…..:D  They are so cute!


We then went back to the hotel and rest since we had such a long drive and day.  Thursday morning the kids woke up so happy to be at Disneyland and wanted to get ready right away so that we could go to the park again.  We had reservations for breakfast with Minnie and Friends at Plaza Inn so the girls wore their costumes again.  Ari wore her Ariel dress, Riley wore her Tinkerbell dress and Nick wore his Cars outfit.  Once the characters started coming out the kids got so excited!  Especially Nick since the last time we were there he was only a year old.  He was playing with all the characters and they were all playing with him as well.


Laci loved the Fairy Godmother!  She kept smiling and cooing at her 🙂


After breakfast we headed to The Princess Fantasy Faire to visit the Princesses, but not before taking a family picture in front of the castle.


The line was super long to see the Princesses, but Dustin and Laci waited in line while I took the other kids around so they wouldn’t get bored.

Doing a good job in saving our spots in line 😉


The three people at the Fantasy Faire was Princess Jasmine, Aladdin and Ariel.  Arianna was very excited to see Ariel because we have never seen her there before.  Nick on the other hand wasn’t too happy to be taking pictures with Princesses so Dustin bought him a sword.


Arianna loved taking pictures with Ariel


Since Arianna saw Ariel and got to take pictures with her Dustin wanted to take Riley to the new Pixie hollow to see the Fairies.  When we were there she saw Fawn the animal fairy and of course Tinkerbell.


Then we headed to California Adventures so Laci could take her 1st “L” picture 😀


We spent most of the time there at Bug’s Land.  The kids rode all the rides and then played in the water for a little while where Arianna got soaking wet!  Riley got wet too and Nick got only a little wet because everytime the water would shoot out he would run away.  But I had an extra set of clothes for them so it was okay.

Nick and I on the bumper cars.  His first time getting to ride them since he was too small last time.


After we were done at Bug’s Land we went to ride Toy Story.  Dustin and Ari even rode it twice!   It is such a FUN ride and we rode it 2 more times before we left because it’s such an addicting game/ride 😀  It is now one of my favorite rides!  Then we rushed to see if McQueen and Mater were still taking pictures since they are only there till 5pm.  We made it just in time and Nick was so excited!  He too lots of pictures with them by himself and when it was time to leave he kept telling us “No I drive McQueen” 😀

We went back to Disneyland to watch the new parade since California Adventures closed at 6pm.  We went to save our seats near Small World then got food at nearby reastaurants and ate it while we waited for the parade to start.  The girls were so excited and I even saw my friend Rachel who works there.  The girls also got to participate in the parade and were so happy.  After the parade we rode Small World one last time before heading back to the hotel.

Friday was supposed to be our last day so it was mostly just a day to hang out and do whatever we didn’t do the previous days and to ride the rides the kids wanted to do again.  My Mom, Jaime, Trin and David also met up with us that day.  First we rode a couple of rides and Riley even rode Thunder Mountian Railroad.  She didn’t like that anymore than she liked Matterhorn.

While everyone was on Thunder Mountain Railroad Trin and I saw Kobe Bryant there with his wife and kids.  I don’t like bothering people/celebrities especially when they are with their families so I just took his picture from a distance…..LOL

Look how tiny his daughter looks next to him!  His wife and other daughter went on Thunder Mountain Railroad.


Once everyone started getting hungry we went to try out the new BBQ place by Woody’s Round-up.  They have all you can eat BBQ chicken, BBQ ribs, corn, beans, cornbread and drinks.  There is also Woody and Jessie that walk around and visit your table.  It was really good, but too pricey so I don’t think we’ll be eating there again.  The kids had fun though.  And Woody was really nice and kept playing with the kids.

Nick shooting Woody with his Buzz Lightyear blaster gun


Woody playing with Laci


She liked him and kept smiling at him 😀


After lunch it was back to the rides.  Everyone went on Pirates since it was closed the previous two days we were there and Riley really wanted to ride it.  Next we were about to go on Haunted House and almost lost Nick!  So instead of riding it we rested and everyone got ice cream.  Nick was running around everywhere and eating everyone’s ice cream with Dustin’s new Grumpy hat on and he looked totally cute 😀


Laci fell asleep while we were all resting


A picture of us all before heading to California to do Bug’s Land one more time before heading home.


Instead of going home Friday night like we planned we ended up staying till Sunday because none of us wanted to go home and we heard that it was raining where we lived so we decided to stay at Disneyland because it’s way funner than going home to the rain…..LOL.  When we told the kids they were so happy and Arianna said her wish had come true 😀  I tried getting a room where we were previously stayed, but they were fully booked so we called Fairfield Inn which is also across the street and we’ve stayed there plenty of times and they had rooms 😀   We got an awesome room with two queen beds a sofa sleeper and a special theme room!!!  It was such an awsome surprise and I guess it’s new and they have different theme rooms for the kids.  We also had a view of Disneyland and got to watch the fireworks from our room!  The kids loved it and we are definitely staying there again next time we go!

The Princess Room with their own tv


The kids eating and watching Camp Rock


Saturday our annual passes were blocked so we couldn’t go to Disneyland.  Instead Dustin, Irwin and David went to D1 a drifting competition.  Then Trin, Leslee, the kids and I went shopping, but first we had breakfast at Millie’s.  The kids love it there and they give you tons of food!  We then went shopping at The Block in Orange County since I needed to buy more clothes for us because we were supossed to be at home already.  After our shopping trip Nick and Laci fell asleep and took a 3 hour nap in the hotel.  Once the guys got back from their D1 event we went out to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory then went to my Auntie’s house to watch the Paquiao fight.

Look how into it everyone is…..LOL


During the fight Arianna and Riley both fell asleep and Nick and I mostly played outside in the backyard.

Nick, Laci and I in another room while everyone was watching the fight


Sunday we decided to go to Disneyland one last time before heading home.  We rode the Winnie the Pooh ride, saw the characters then Arianna went on Splash Mountain for the first time!  When we got off she said she’d ride it again too 🙂

Us with Winnie the Pooh


Arianna’s 1st Splash Mountain ride


While we were in that area Dustin spotted BJ Penn and made me take a picture of them.  (I have no idea who he is, but apparently he is some kind of wrestling fighter)  I felt bad too because he was with his family and seemed annoyed that we asked for a picture.  Probably because he didn’t want people to start crowding around.


I went into the store there and made Laci try on Minnie ears……she didn’t seem too pleased


Then we waited to watch the parade one more time because the kids love dancing to it

Then we headed off to California Adventures to meet Nyra and JR and to ride Toy Story one last time before heading home.  I got to get my favorite ice cream from Catch a Flave.  Then we rode California Screamin’ because the line wasn’t very long.  Finally we rode Toy Story even though the line was over an hour and a half long.  After that it was time to go home 😦  We had an awesome trip and can’t wait to go back……hopefully soon!  The kids did awesome on the ride home and they all slept the whole way 😀


7 thoughts on “Laci’s 1st Disneyland Trip

  1. looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!!! i want to ride rides w/ari!!! Toy Story’s my fav.!!!! Riley’s face after Matterhorn is so sad =/ Nick’s super cute on the carousel, w/ woody, and with dustins hat! Laci’s super cute w/the fairy godmother!! i want to go next time you guys go!!! =D oh…and i have no idea who bj penn is either…but brian seemed excited about it lol

  2. haha bj penn is a ufc fighter from hawaii 🙂

    i would’ve been like you beth, and just taken a picture from far away 😛

    glad you guys had fun!! maybe next time you guys go we can meet you there… just make sure it’s not during a peak travelling time 😉

  3. lol….umm…did you realize you put “riley” when it was supposed to be laci!! (with the fairy godmother!)

  4. Great pics and videos. I enjoyed them all. I hope to take the kids to some disney place soon. You’re lucky to live close by.

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