Oakland Zoo

Decided to take the kids to the Oakland Zoo before their break ended and it was SO crowded!  I’ve never seen so many people at this zoo!!!  It was crazy and very hot, but at least the kids had a good time.

We had to park in the field area and enter through the Children’s Zoo entrance.  There were so many people already picnicing in the gassy play area and we got there at 10am.  The kids wanted to go to the reptial house first.  Here they are going through the little door.


Nick showing me a frog he found


Next we decided to move onto the bigger animals.  Since it was so hot all the animals were mostly hiding so we weren’t able to see that many of them 😦

Here’s Nick checking out the giraffes


The kids looking at the elephants


While we were looking at the elephants they started feeding them so they threw the food for the elephants right in front or our kids.  They loved seeing the elepant so close up to them.


After seeing the elephants and zebras we decided to sit down for awhile and feed the kids lunch.

Nick pretending he’s an animal eating his sandwhich


Daddy and Laci 🙂


Hopefully next time we go to the zoo more animals will be out so we can see them.  Now that spring break is over it’s off to Disneyland then planning out day trips/fun activities for the kids to do for summer.


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