Tilden Park

Every Wednesday I take the kids to story time at our library, but since the girls are on Spring break I decided to take them to Tilden Park in Berkeley to ride the Steam Trains and to visit The Little Farm.  Some of my friends were going to meet us at story time, but I told them we weren’t going and invited them to come along with us.  First we headed to the Steam Trains because Riley was super excited about riding them again.  It was such a nice day and the weather was great.  It really wasn’t crowded at all either, there was barely anyone around.

Here are all the kids on the train


During the ride we went through a tunnel and the girls loved being in the dark and would scream since it made an echoing noise.  Nick on the other hand would have a scared/surprised look on his face…….LOL


After the train ride I had the kids stand by the train so I could take pictures of them.



Next we headed off to the Nature Area where we had the kids eat the lunch we packed while I nursed Laci.  Then we let them play at the park for a little while.  Once they were ready we headed to Little Farm to feed the animals.  The kids LOVE feeding the animals and this time we brought TONS of celery.


Nick especially loved it and got upset when we ran out of food.  So I plan on taking him again soon so I can see this smile again 😀



If you’re wondering where Laci was this entire time…


Doing what she does best, sleeping in her carrier with lots of surrounding noise 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tilden Park

  1. I stumbled upon your blog from the nest and just wanted to say Congratulations – Laci is adorable just like her brother and sister! I love the Easter outfits!

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