Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!!!  Our Easter started out with Nick and I making banana bread together.  We ate breakfast then headed off to church.  After church we picked up some lunch and headed over to our old house since there aren’t anyone renting it yet and we used the backyard to have an Easter egg hunt.  They miss our backyard so much!  Now that we have a pool there isn’t much room for them to play outside.  Here is a couple pictures of the kids at our old house.



After the kids did their egg hunt we went home because it was time for the kids to take a nap.  They were all so tired from running around.

Riley fell asleep on her Daddy while watching him play video games


Laci was very tired too


Once they all woke up I decided to take pictures of them in their Easter outfits


And another one with their baskets filled with eggs



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