Coloring Contest

A couple weeks ago Arianna got a coloring contest page in her folder that she takes home.  It was a picture of an Easter Bunny and it said that they would be announcing the winner after the Easter Egg Hunt.  As I was reading it I saw that it said that pre-schoolers could join also so I went to Arianna’s school and got an extra one for Riley.  Both Arianna and Riley did a great job in coloring their pages and we turned them in.

After the Egg Hunt today we listened to see who won, but couldn’t hear anything they were saying because there were so many people.  I didn’t hear either of the girls names and they forgot all about the contest so I didn’t mention it to them.

About an hour after we got home from the Easter Egg Hunt we received a call from someone from The Lions Club.  He mentioned that they were the ones that judged the coloring contest and they had picked RILEY as their winner for the pre-school category!!!  He said he would stop by to drop off her prize.  He came a couple minutes later and we had Riley answer the door with Dustin.  She was so surprised and happy 😀


She recieved a big Easter basket filled with toys, candy, a book and a movie!  She even got a trophy!  She couldn’t believe she won and Dustin and I are so proud of her!!!

Here she is with the picture she colored and her prizes 🙂



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