Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Today the kids went to Cordelia’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the park by Oakbrook Elementary School.  My parents used to take us to this very same egg hunts every year when we were younger so I was excited that I could finally take my own kids.  It was very windy and cold which is how it is most of the time in Cordelia.  The girls were so excited that the cold weather didn’t bother them.  Nick on the other hand didn’t want to get our of the stroller because he wanted to stay nice and warm.

Usually the fire trucks and police officers come then all the kids know that it’s almost time to start.  As soon as they heard the firetrucks coming they got so excited and stood at the front waiting to hear the horn which signals the kids that it’s time to go.
The girls waiting for the horn to be blown

Nick hanging out in the stroller and staying warm

As soon as the horn went off all the kids went running and collecting as much as they could.  Ari and Riley even ran into a Easter Bunny and she gave them certificates for free ice cream cones at McDonalds

Then after the hunt Arianna ran into a couple of her friends from school


Then we headed over to see the horses that the sheriffs brought.  The one that the kids went to pet was named Rocky just like Auntie Katrina’s dog.

Auntie Jassy and Nick


After that we headed over to the fire trucks.  They kids got to climb into the trucks and they also handed out firefighter hats to the kids and little goody bags with coloring books, crayons, a pencil and a handbook about fire safety.

Nick and Jaime inside the fire truck

Riley and Ari inside the fire truck


The kids next to the fire truck with their hats and goody bags


After they were done seeing everything they played in the park for a little while then we headed home.  The kids had so much fun and I think this is going to be a tradition that we will continue every year!


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