Laci’s 1 month stats

Today Laci had her 1 month well baby check-up.  She is doing great and growing fast 🙂

Weight: 10lbs 12ozs in the 95th percentile
Length: 22 1/2 inches 95th percentile

Yay for growing babies 😀  She is awake more now and she has the most big beautiful eyes.  When we talk to her she is always smiling and cooing back to us.  The kids are getting excited since she is doing more than she was when she was born.  They can’t wait for her to grow up, but I don’t want her growing too fast since she might be our last one 😦

She’s been out of her newborn clothes for about a week and a half now and is into 0-3 months.  She also outgrew her newborn diapers 2 weeks ago.  During the day she eats every hour and a half and at night she eats every two hours.  I’m hoping that she starts sleeping for 3 hours straight soon because I’m exahusted……LOL

She has also gotten the nickname “fatso face” from her Daddy…..LOL.  He even sings her the song “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa, but replaces “Poker Face” with “Fatso Face” and she smiles evertime she hears him.  So now all our kids have fatty nicknames.  Ari is “Chunky”, Riley is “Chubs”, Nick is “Big” and Laci is “Fatso Face” and all were given their nicknames from their Daddy.

I haven’t uploaded the pictures from my camera yet, but here’s one from my phone

We also had a welcoming party for her so that everyone could come over and meet her and this is the cake my cousin made for her 🙂



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