3 weeks old

I can’t believe that Laci is already 3 weeks old.  She’s doing good and adjusting pretty well.  She’s still eating every 1-2 hours during the day and at night she wakes up every 2 hours to eat.  I’m still getting used to the “no sleep” thing at night while I hear Dustin snoring loudly next to me!  The only bad thing about breastfeeding is that your husband is not able to help at night.  Ari, Riley and Nick love having her around and they smother her with tons of kisses all the time.  Which has also led her to get Milia around her face 😦  So Mommy has ruled out kissing Laci until it clears out.  The girls are pretty good about not kissing her anymore, but Nick is constantly kissing her and not listening to me.

Keeping up with 4 kids is definitely a challange and takes some getting used to.  I’m hoping to get Laci on a schedule around the 3 month mark so that things will be a little less hectic.  Arianna has been doing great in school and is able to read books all by herself.  She even checked out a chapter book the last time she went to the library and she was able to read it all!  Riley is loving pre-school and they are getting thier pictures taken next week so she wants to go shopping for a new outfit.  She will be graduating  in May and is already excited to start at her “real” school.  She is also starting to read by sounding out the letters of words then putting them together.  We are registering her for Kindergarten at the end of this month so it’s exciting that we will have both older girls  in school by this Fall 🙂  Nick is doing great as well.  He has already pasted Riley in weight and he’s such a BOY!  Always wanting to fight, throw things, climb things and jump off of things!  He keeps us entertained for sure……LOL

Anyway here are some pictures of Laci that I took today so she’s 3 weeks and 1 day old 😀







3 thoughts on “3 weeks old

  1. She is absolutely gorgeous!! And you are getting soooo good with your new camera. LOOOOOOVE the feet shot. Jake and Ty can’t wait to meet her ; )

  2. She is super duper duper adorable!!! I feel like she looks a lot like Riley 🙂 I can’t wait to meet her someday!

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