Nick’s Big Boy Bed

Nick started climbing into his crib around Christmas time, but luckily he never tried to climb out.  Since he was going to be turning 2 soon Dustin and I decided to change his crib into the toddler bed setting.  I thought at first it was going to be a difficult change, but he adjusted just fine and is still sleeping great!  The first night he went right to sleep and stayed in all night long.  The next day we tried naptime with the new bed and he came out twice.  The first time he ran into the hallway, but I told him it was naptime and he went back in his room.  The second time, I told him again it was naptime and he said “Sorry Mommy” went back in climbed into bed and stayed.  He slept for 2 hours and ever since then he’s been great!  Here are some pictures of my adorable little boy with his Lightning McQueen sheets he got from Mama at Christmas.

In his big boy bed

Pretending he’s sleeping

I love this little boy too much!!!!


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