Roses Christmas Party

This year we decided to host the Christmas party for my Dad’s side of the family.  It was nice because Dustin made the turkey and everyone else brought the rest of the food.  I just had to make mashed potatoes and rice…  It was still a little crazy though having so many people over.

Before everyone started coming over Nick was having fun playing with one of his new toys and being silly.


Once mostly everyone came over and all the food was set up we blessed the food then everyone ate.  We had so much food and it was all so very yummy!!!  After everyone was done eating I only had to give one tour of the house since everyone else had already been over and seen it.  After the kids were done playing they asked if they could start opening presents so we got everyone in the family room to open all the presents.

Nick opened his presents first and one of his first presents was a bubble blowing gun and after they opened that for him he didn’t want to open any more presents till he played with it.  So he was shooting the gun blowing bubbles while the girls ran after them.


Riley with her presents

Arianna with her presents

After the kids were done opening their presents everyone else started opening their presents.  And like every year they started a wrapping paper fight.  I think this year was the worst because someone (Joston) went in the backyard and grabbed two garbage bags filled with wrapping paper from the presents we opened earlier and brought it in to use as ammo.  The kids were having so much fun throwing all the paper and the girls were in the middle of everything just throwing paper everywhere.  Even Nick was having a great time and standing on the couch throwing the paper at everyone.

Look at the mess they made

These two were having TOO much fun throwing huge paper balls at people super hard and laughing about it!

Afterwards I had everyone clean up their mess before we started taking family pictures.

Here’s all the Roses cousins with Nanay

Our family with Nanay

Our Roses family w/son in laws and my kids

Our family with Jake and Ana

We hope everyone else had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful New Years!


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