Christmas Morning Part-3

After Dustin’s family left we cleaned up and let the kids play with some of their new presents from Santa before the next round of opening presents.  My family was supossed to come over after they got out of church, but didn’t end up coming over until 2pm so Nick was already down for his nap and we were starting to get everything ready for the party we were having at dinner time.  When they all arrived there were so many presents!  This was only about half of the presents that there were.

Ari and Riley also had changed because it was getting warm with all the people over and the fire on.


First we started out with Riley opening all her presents and she took forever!   I think she took about 45 minutes to open her presents from everyone.  Then all she wanted to do was play with everything that she had gotten.  Ari took a little less than 30 minutes because she ripped open her presents like they were nothing.  They got so much stuff it filled their rooms!

Then it was time for all the siblings/couples to open their presents and I was very spoiled this year!  I got 2 new pairs of Ugg boots, a new jacket, new jammies w/matching slippers and a Cricut all from Dustin!
Me showing off some of my gifts 😀


And my parents got me this cool hot chocolate maker since I can’t drink coffee cause of the baby, it’s so cool and I’ve used it twice already.  She also got me some Cricut cartidges.

I also got tons of great gifts from all my brothers and sisters 😀

Nick woke up in the middle of our present opening because our fire alarm went off from the turkey Dustin was making.  But the turkey wasn’t burnt, there was just some smoke in the house.  When Dustin brought him down he jumped right into opening his presents.

Everytime he got something he liked he wanted to put it on or play with it.  Then he would just stop opening presents until.  Here he is wearing his McQueen slippers from Mama, his vest from Auntie Jackie and playing with his snow globe Auntie Jackie got him from Disneyland.

Dustin also got tons of great gifts.  He finally got a drill so he doesn’t have to borrow anyones anymore and he got not only one, but two coffee makers.  One from his parents and one from mine….lol

And we will be exchanging the coffee maker my parents got him for a coffee grinder because of this…….lol.  They got him Hazelnut coffee his favorite, but they’re beans.

After we were all done opening presents it was already 4pm and all our family from my Dad’s side was coming over at 5pm so we had to clean everything up to get ready for the party.


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