Christmas Morning Part-2

After we did all our family presents Dustin’s parents came over so we could have breakfast and open presents with them.  This year I took the kids to a pottery painting place in Benicia so the kids could paint them something.  They decided to make Grandpa a mug and Grandma a frame.

Here they are with Grandpa and the mug they painted for him

And here they are with Grandma and the frame they painted for her

I also made a photo calender for them with tons of pictures of the kids.  It seems like it was the year to make presents because Grandma and Grandpa also made things for the kids 😀

Grandma made knitted sweaters for the girls.  Here’s Riley with hers on

And Grandpa made shelves with the kids names on them for their rooms.




They also opened their presents from Dustin’s sister who now lives in Hawaii.  The girls loved their headbands with flowers on them that Auntie Kelsy gave them.

And here they are with Grandma and Grandpa before they left to get ready for another party.


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