Christmas Morning Part 1

On Christmas morning Arianna was the first one to wake up so she came in our room asking if we could open presents and see if Santa came.  Riley and Nick were still sleeping so we told her that after they woke up we could go downstairs.  It took them another 45 mins to wake up, even though Ari wanted to wake them up right away…

Here they are on the stairs waiting for us to tell them that it was okay to come downstars.  I wanted to open all the blinds, turn the fireplace on and have Dustin get the video camera before they came down.

Aren’t their matching Christmas jammies so cute 😀

Don’t you love the look of excitment in their faces 😀

When they came downstairs they were all so excited to see their presents from Santa.

We had them open their presents one by one.  First it was Nick’s turn, but he wouldn’t open them because he was too busy finishing the cookie that Santa had left behind……lol.  He wouldn’t even put the cookie down!  So Riley opened her gift first, then Ari and then Nick finally opened his after he saw that his sisters got new toys.

Riley with the pink laptop she got from Santa

Arianna with her pink laptop from Santa

Nick finally opening his presents from Santa.  He got the Sword of Hero’s from the Kung Fu Panda movie and a McQueen and Mater remote control car.

Then it was time to open the gifts in their stockings.  They all got trains!  Riley got Annie, Clarabelle and Spencer.  Ari got Molly and James and Nick got Gordon and Henry.


This year I let all the kids buy presents for each other and they had so much fun picking the presents out and watching each other opening them to see if they liked what they picked for one another.

Here is Riley and Nick opening their gifts from Ari.

Ari bought Riley a book from the book fair they had at her school

And she bought Nick a 49er football from her Holiday Shop which was also at her school and he loved it!

Opening their gifts from Riley.  Look at how excited she is about them liking her gifts 🙂

The girls opening their gifts from Nick

I think they were the most excited about opening thier presents to each other so I’m looking forward to taking them all shopping again next year!

Opening more presents from Mommy and Daddy

After opening all our family presents I told the kids that we had to start getting breakfast ready since Dustin’s parents were coming over and my family as well later on.  The girls and I were in the kitchen making breakfast so Dustin took our picture.

Then when he turned around he found that Nick had gotten into some more cookies and was just hanging out eating them.  And wearing his new shoes that Mommy bought him because I bought his Daddy the same pair.  Dustin was also wearing them to break them in…


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