6 weeks to go…..

I am finally in the home stretch with only 6 weeks to go till baby gets here!  I’m so excited to finally meet this little one 😀  I am now 34 weeks and other than being tired all the time, not being able to sleep at night, having to go to the bathroom everytime I take a sip of water and just tired of being so HUGE I am doing okay.  My Dr’s told me that they want me to stay off my feet and have decided to put me on bedrest at home.  Since I had my kids so close together and so many of them I guess my body is just really tired.  I’ve already started dialating so they want me to stay in bed and relax to keep the baby in until my due date.  It is very hard though because I still have the kids and house to take care of so I’m hoping baby will co-operate as well and stay put until February.

Anyway…..here is my belly picture taken at 34 weeks and 3 days.  Taken by Arianna and has Riley in it because she wanted to show how skinny she was compared to Mommy’s huge belly.  LOL

I know I am huge!  Everyone keeps telling me that I look like I’m due any day now!  Here are just a couple sayings I hear from people almost everyday:

“Wow just a couple more days huh?”

“Are you having twins?”

“You look HUGE”

“You look like you’re about to pop!”

“You’re not going to get any bigger are you?”

So yes I know that I’m huge and look like I’m going to explode, but I probably will get bigger in the next 6 weeks.  Hopefully this baby will be big though and I can get back to shape quickly which I think will happen taking care of four kids, keeping up with housework and trying to be a perfect wife 😀

And of course my progress chart

1st Trimester
Month 1 (weeks 1-4) = completed
Month 2 (weeks 5-8 ) = completed
Month 3 (weeks 9-13) = completed

2nd Trimester
Month 4 (weeks 14-17) = completed
Month 5 (weeks 18-21) = completed
Month 6 (weeks 22-26) = comleted

3rd Trimester
Month 7 (weeks 27-30) = completed
Month 8 (weeks 31-35) = in progress
Month 9 (weeks 36-40)


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