Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always very busy for us since we have to split the time between my family and Dustin’s.  First we always have my family party which is for my Mom’s side of the family then after we always go to Dustin’s parents house to spend time with their family friends.

This year my Mom’s side of the family party was at their house so it wasn’t too bad because they just live around the block 🙂  The party started at 5pm, but we all took a nap in the afternoon and didn’t wake up till 5pm so we got to the house at 6pm.  We always spend at least 2 hours at each party so we ate and mingled till it was time to go.  Arianna was crying because she didn’t want to leave since they were making crafts with all the kids.  Once we told everyone we had to leave they started giving the kids all their gifts.  Once Arianna saw all the presents she felt a lot better……lol

Holding their present bags with all their gifts inside that my Mom made for them a couple years ago

Nick was also very excited for all the gifts he got

Before we left my Mom had to get a family picture 😀

Then it was off to Dustin’s parents house, but it’s only about 30 mintues away so it wasn’t too bad of a drive.  There was some traffic though so it took a little bit longer.  We got there at around 8:45pm and said hi to everyone.  Then we waited till “Santa” came.  Here’s all the kids getting their gifts from Santa.

Here’s all the little kids with their gifts

Our kids got matching Christmas jammies that they changed into right before heading home since we knew that they would all be sleeping by the time we got home.

Dustin and his babies

We stayed for another hour before going home so that kids could go to bed to wait for
Santa.  It was a fun time like always 😀


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