Thanksgiving 08

Sorry I am way behind on blogging, but these kids have been keeping me busy along with baby #4 on the way.

Anyway I guess it’s better late than never 🙂

For Thanksgiving this year we headed out to San Jose to spend it with my Mom’s side of the family because the past couple of years we have either just stayed home or spent it with Dustin’s side.

Nick was the highlight of the party everone pretty much was sitting around watching him.  All the kids were playing Rockband so Nick was on the drums and then after awhile he started playing the guitar.


He is such a cute little man…

We didn’t stay too long since it was going to take us a long time to get home but before we left my Mom made us all take a family picture which was supposed to be for their Christmas cards, but she ended up using another one anyway.  But here is my side of the family.


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well and ate lots of yummy food 😀


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