Super Franks

So there is this place called Super Franks in Pleasanton that a lot of my Mommy friends take their kids.  I’ve been wanting to take the kids, but it’s just so far.  Well Dustin ended up having a day off the day they were having a get together so I decided to bring him along so he could drive 😉

When we got there we went upstairs to the second floor where they have a huge play area for kids up to the age of 5 so it was perfect for Nick and Riley since Arianna was in school.  They had a lot of fun running around and playing.  Then they had music time where they sat in a big circle and sang songs, danced and played.  Riley did really well in participating, but Nick just ran around playing with all the toys while all the kids were distracted.

Afterwards we  went back downstairs to the gym area.  They had tons of fun running around on the obstacles and riding on the plasma cars.  Nick also loves playing basketball with his Daddy!


I think the plasma cars were everyones favorite though……even Dustin’s lol

Riley kept asking Dustin to help her walk over an obstacle thing

So of course Nick wanted to do it too just like his sister

We had a lot of fun there but I just wish we had one closer!  Hopefully we will be able to visit again and bring Arianna next time since Riley keeps telling her about all the fun she had at Super Franks 😀


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