Polar Express Train

Last year since Riley was really into trains we wanted to take her on the Polar Express train that they have in Sacramento.  But by the time I found out about it the tickets were already sold out.  So this year I planned early and we bought tickets right when they went on sale.  The kids were so excited and Riley kept counting down the days till it was time to ride the train.

After picking up Arianna from school we headed to Sac to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

Dustin and Nick5-0051


Riley and I

After we were finished with our food Arianna wanted cheesecake.  It started getting darker and Riley kept telling her to hurry up and eat so that the train wouldn’t leave us.  I kept telling her that it was ok and that we had plenty of time before the train left, but she was so excited that she wanted to leave right away.

When we got to the train station we had a little time left before they started handing out the boarding passes so the kids colored and took pictures.

Riley and Arianna coloring

Nick coloring

Taking a picture with a little elf

After we got our boarding passes we got in line to wait for the train.  Nick was tired so Dustin held him, but the girls were too excited 😀

Riley with her boarding pass

Arianna with her boarding pass

When we got on the train the kids were even more excited and couldn’t wait for the train to start moving

While the train was going to the “North Pole” they read the story over the loud speaker and had people walking up and down the aisles holding up the book and showing the kids the pictures.  When it was time for the hot chocolate they had dancers going up and down the aisles and they gave everyone hot chocolate and cookies.

Riley and Daddy drinking their hot chocolate

The kids enjoyed hearing the story and liked looking outside waiting till we got to the North Pole.  When we finally saw it the kids were so excited and their faces just lit up 😀

Seeing the “North Pole”


After stopping at the North Pole the train started heading back to the train station.  Once it started moving again the kids were so sad because they wanted to go down and see Santa.  They were also sad because they wanted to get a bell from Santa and they didn’t get one.  So I told them that if they were really good them maybe Santa would leave one for them in their stocking.

As we were riding back they played Christmas songs over the speakers and asked everyone to sing along to Jingle Bells, when all of a sudden Santa came onto our caboose and the look on the kids faces were priceless!!!  Then Santa came over and started handing out bells to all the kids.

Here’s Arianna and Nick getting their bells.  Arianna is looking at him very carefully because she’s at the age where she knows that there are fake Santa’s and she always looks for a string of some sort….lol

When Santa gave Riley her bell he told her to shake it and when it made noise she was so excited!

Here they are all showing me their bells…..:D  I love making my babies happy!!!

We had so much fun and I highly recommend everyone take thier kids if they like the Polar Express movie.  Hopefully we will make it an annual thing and take the kids every year 😀


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