My 1st NBA game

Last night I went to the Sacramento Kings game with Dustin, Irwin and Leslee.  It was my first time watching a professional basketball game and surprisingly I had a lot of fun 😉  Since Verizon sponsers the Kings they get special tickets and we got VIP passes with our tickets.  We also had great seats and were only about 6 rows from the floor.  I usually don’t watch basketball, but it’s a lot more interesting watching in person then it is on tv.  The court also looks way smaller then watching it on tv cause the guys playing are so huge!


Before the game we went to the VIP club and to eat.  The food was super yummy especially since I was nauseous from the drive through traffic.  They had salad, green beans, rice pilaf and chicken breasts.  Then during half time we went back and got desserts.  All the desserts were really good and they even had a delicious pumpkin spice cake.  The best part was that it was all free 😀

Me and Dustin


Leslee and Irwin


Thanks for taking me to the game guys!  I had a great time and I loved the free food……lol 😀


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