This year for Halloween I wasn’t able to have our annual Halloween party since we moved in the week before and still weren’t settled in, but we still had some friends come over so that the kids could all go Trick-or-Treating together.

This year the kids did a Star Wars theme

Arianna was Princess Leia


Riley was Ashoka (a Jedi girl)


And Nick was R2D2 😀


Here are the girls with Jaime as Bobba Fett and Rocky as Yoda


My cousin also came over with a costume he made…..lol


Kaylani and Sophia also came to go trick-or-treating with the girls along with their brand new baby brother Josiah!

Riley, Kaylani and Arianna


Nick and Sophia


Baby Josiah


The Dad’s took the kids out while Anna and I stayed in the house passing out candy.  While the kids were gone I made sugar cookies in Halloween shapes and when they got back I let them decorate them.  They were very tired by the end of the night and went to bed pretty well considering all the candy they ate.  Hopefully next year we will continue our Halloween party again 🙂


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