Last weekend we went camping with the kids for the first time at Sandy Beach in Rio Vista.  Dustin wasn’t able to come with us because he ended up having to work.  We went with my family and with other friends from church.  We only stayed for one night since Dustin wasn’t with us and he had a basketball game the next day too so we went home to watch his play.

Here’s a shot with almost everyone hanging out at our campsite

The girls with some of the other kids playing in our tent

The Roses kids all together getting ready to make smores

(Jacqueline is holding Nick, but he got blocked)

The girls roasting their marshmellows

The little kids eating the smores they made

Earlier that day Nick was sitting on the bench, fell off and cut his lip open.  After crying for a bit he was fine, but had a swollen lip.

Riley shining her flashlight at me

Auntie and Arianna

That night it was so windy that I couldn’t get any sleep!  The girls slept pretty good, they had a queen size air mattress they were sleeping on together.  But Arianna made Auntie Jackie sleep in our tent too because she wanted someone to sleep on both sides of her.  I had a twin size air mattress and Nick had his pack n play.  The wind would blow so hard against the tent that it would scare Nick so he ended up sleeping with me which was the most uncomfortable thing ever!  Since I couldn’t sleep I did enjoy staring at him since I haven’t held him like that since he was a tiny baby and I can’t believe how much he’s grown.

Here’s Nick all wrapped up in a blanket with his milk while I helped make breakfast

Riley loved writing her name in the dirt, erasing it and writing it again

My weird brother who was always up in the tree

For lunch some church friends made barbecue on a stick and Riley loved it 😀

Jaime and Nick eating grapes

Kim and Arianna

This was the friend Ari made and she was with her pretty much the whole time we were camping.

After we had lunch we went down to the beach and I let the kids swim and play in the water before heading home to watch Dustin’s basketball game.

Nick and Papa

Arianna having fun playing in the water

Riley relaxing on the shore

Auntie and Ari going out on the boat

While Ari was in the boat Riley and Nick enjoyed splashing around

And Papa took out his other “grandchild” Trin and David’s baby Rocky ……LOL

We had such a great time camping and the kids hated leaving early.  They can’t wait to go camping again, but next time with Daddy 😀


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