20 weeks!!!

I am now 20 weeks which means that I’m at the halfway mark.  YAY!!!!

Dustin and I have a Level 2 ultrasound and Fetal Echo to check the baby’s heart this Thursday so hopefully everything will be perfect 🙂  We still haven’t decided if we are going to find out the sex or not, but if we do find out I will post it as soon as we get back along with some pictures of the baby 😀

Here’s what my belly looks like at 20 weeks (taken by Arianna this morning)

And of course my progress

1st Trimester
Month 1 (weeks 1-4) = completed
Month 2 (weeks 5-8 ) = completed
Month 3 (weeks 9-13) = completed

2nd Trimester
Month 4 (weeks 14-17) = completed
Month 5 (weeks 18-21) = in progress
Month 6 (weeks 22-26)

3rd Trimester
Month 7 (weeks 27-30)
Month 8 (weeks 31-35)
Month 9 (weeks 36-40)


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