Marine World

I know it’s now called Discovery Kingdom, but it’ll always be Marine World to me. Anyways Dustin got free tickets to Marine World from his work so we decided to take the kids before Arianna started school. The Sinning Family also came along with us.

The girls so excited to get in

When we first got there Dustin and Kelly decided to ride a roller coaster before doing all the kiddie stuff. They rode on Medusa while we waited for them. While we were waiting the kids had fun watching people climb the rock climbing wall.

Kaylani, Riley, Arianna, Nick and Sophie

When there was no one climbing the wall they sat down and mapped out what we were going to do next….LOL

After the Dad’s went on their roller coaster we went to watch the whale show.  Standing outside the stadium were a dolphin and Bugs Bunny.  And since my kids are in love with taking pictures with characters they had to get pictures with these ones too.

The kids loved the whale show!!!  They had Shouka (the whale) and Merlin (the dolphin) perform together which was the girls favorite part.  So Dustin bought each girl their own stuffed animals.  Ari picked the whale and Riley picked the dolphin.

When we were leaving the show we saw more characters.  Shouka and Sylvester.

After taking more pictures and getting a bathroom break we got some lunch because the kids were hungry.  They had a Johnny Rocket’s there which was super yummy!  After lunch we headed to where all the animals were and they also had a little kid area with rides and water.  We saw lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants and camels.  And the girls had a great time riding all the rides.  When Dustin and the kids were looking at the tigers I ran into a nestie friend of mine, but we didn’t get to talk much since both our families were running off wanting to do other things.  Hopefully we will be able to get together again soon 🙂  This was actually the first time Riley rode a lot of rides and she wasn’t scared at all!  Nick’s favorite part was playing in the water of course.

Nick and Dustin looking with a giraffe

Here are the kids on a couple of rides

The Frog Hopper

The Monkey Swings

Nick on the Jeep Safari ride

After the kids rode a couple rides they were really hot so we let them play in the water a bit before heading to see the sharks and Thomas Land.  Here is Nick enjoying himself 😀

“Daddy let’s GO!”

By the time we got to Thomas Land Nick had fallen asleep so he missed the whole thing.  The girls rode all the rides in Thomas Land and it was Riley’s favorite part.

The girls with Sir Topham Hat

After Thomas Land we could tell the kids were getting tired so we started making our way to the front.  On the way out we stopped by to see the walrus’ and we saw Jacko the walrus from 50 First Dates!

Arianna wanted to ride one more ride, but Kaylani and Riley were too small to ride so Dustin rode with her.  While they were on the ride Riley fell asleep too.

Ari saw another character and made us stop to take a picture with the Tiger

And before we left we had to take one more look at the dolphins 😀

So we had a great day and so did the kids.  It seems like it’s a lot more kid friendly now which will make us visit a lot more 😀


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