Update……..finally :D

Hey everyone!  Sorry it’s taken me so long to update our family blog.  I’ve been having REALLY bad morning sickness that pretty much lasts all day.  Looking at the computer screen only made my nausea worse so I decided to stay off the computer for awhile.  We’ve also been busy with the kids swimming lessons they had everyday.

Arianna did great in swimming lessons!  She even got to advance to the higher level class 🙂  She loves to go under water and does great with a kicking board.  She loves playing games in the water like “Red Light, Green Light” and “Alligator, Alligator”.  She’s very excited to continue her swimming lessons next summer.

School starts in exactly two weeks so she’s very excited about that!  We went back to school shopping for all her school supplies and she loved picking out all her own things.  Now we just have to go back to school shopping for shoes and clothes for her.  I can’t believe that she is already starting Kindergarten!

Riley started out swimming lessons not so great.  The first day she was crying the whole time she was in the water.  The second day she refused to get in so we dropped her down to the parent/tot class for 2 weeks.  Once the two weeks were up we tried putting her in the regular class again and she did great!  She’ll still take the same pre-school level next summer though because she needs to get used to the water more.

She can write her name very well now and is drawing a lot of pictures.  She loves coloring and is still very into trains!  I’m hoping we have time to take the train to Old Sacramento before the summer is over.  She will also be starting her Kindergarten Prep class this fall so I’m trying to get her prepared for it.

Nicholas also did great in swimming lessons.  He loved jumping into the water and even wanted to go when it was cold.  He is a really good kicker and loved blowing bubbles and playing with all the water toys.

He is talking a lot more now and can say so much!  He also repeats everything he hears so I’ve had to remind Dustin a couple times to watch what he says.  He makes us laugh everyday and he always has so much energy 🙂  I’ll try to get a video of him up here soon of all his talking 🙂

I will try to continue with my updates from now on since I am starting to feel better.  Pictures of baby #4 will be posted as soon as I scan them 🙂


One thought on “Update……..finally :D

  1. Hey Elizabeth!!!!

    How are you? I’ve missed you!!

    I’m glad you have been busy to keep your mind of the morning sickness!!!!

    But hey when you have a chance we should go to Los Panchos in Concord, it’s my new addiction, a BILLION times better than Chipotle!!!

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